About Us

The Story So far………

District Sports provide quality grass roots sports provision through top class delivery. Founded in 2001, District sports have been helping schools enrich their timetables with age appropriate, progressive, educational sports sessions.

Our teams of experts are committed to offering children opportunities to participate in organized sport at a number of different schemes. We will never discriminate and believe that all children deserve the opportunity to access sport, enabling them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our services are expanding throughout the U.K being led by a motivated group of Area Managers. Our unique Business Box concept offers an opportunity for any individual who meets our criteria, to build a business doing something they are passionate about.

Our team of experts, carefully construct the coaching programs that we use at all our sessions. The District Sports ethos is crucial to the success of all our schemes, we believe that sport should be fun, safe and regardless of your ability you should be given the opportunity to improve and participate.

We are looking forward to successful future, and will continue to work with all relevant organisations to promote the importance of sport in schools, and school holidays.

In addition to the main sections on our website we offer:

  • Sports Birthday Parties
  • Evening Fitness Classes
  • Additional Academies – Cricket Academies/Dance Academies
  • Saturday Sports Clubs
  • School Sport Consultancy
  • Sport Events Organising
  • Cub/Scout Sessions

If you require any additional information on any of these extras, details are available on our network of regional websites. Please contact us for specific details.