Business Box

Business Box

If you’d like to run your own sports coaching business and earn a significant income without all the stress and shared income of a franchise, then this is the best option for you. District Sports offer children of all ages a high quality of coaching in a number of different sports to enrich and improve their sporting opportunities.

This is a turn Key Package, we will teach you everything you need to know, to run your own Sports Coaching Business. This will include all the technical aspects as well as how to generate business in your chosen area.

Neil Bond
District sports

What is ‘District Sports Business in a box?

District Sports have created a simple option for individuals wanting to set-up and run their own coaching business without the pitfalls of creating a brand from scratch. You will be buying into an established company with over 10 years experience and knowledge, without the financial and operational hazards of a franchise. We will create your business with you, show you how to operate, after your initial training you will be running your very own business!

District Sports – Brief Overview

District Sports is a sports coaching and management services company which specialises in school and community coaching. This coaching covers multiple sports and is delivered during school time as part of the curriculum, at after school activity clubs, holiday sports schemes, weekend open days, and Children’s sports parties.

Since our launch in 2001 our services have been extensively used in schools (primary and secondary sector) and local communities (e.g. in conjunction with sport specific governing bodies, sports clubs and through parish and district council initiatives), allowing children, male and female of all ages, to access high quality coaching across a range of sporting activities.

Demand for our services in our operational areas means that we are now looking to expand our brand across the country in a fair and simple method through, ‘District Sports Business in a box’.

Unique advantages of ‘Business in a box’:

This is not a franchise –

  • One upfront payment – no hidden back end costs or management fee’s
  • No complicated contracts – being trapped in a franchise can be both stressful and pressurized
  • No financial monitoring – no percentage of your income is EVER touched, what you earn, you keep!!
  • No strict Area/District – Take your business wherever you like. The U.K has over 17000 primary schools.
  • No minimum/maximum terms – You operate your business exactly as you require.
  • No forced income targets – Franchises often have minimum income requirements with guaranteed back end fees.
  • No strict operational codes – if you think something will work, you are trusted to make the best decision for your business.

In addition you then get all the key advantages of signing up with a franchise company:

  • 15 years experience, knowledge and backing with no extra fees (no fears of setting up from scratch)
  • Established Business Brand (Logo, tagline, Websites, Templates all ready for you)
  • A network of area managers to work alongside (a key advantage of franchising is having the network of people in the same situation as you)
  • Traditions, referrals and expertise of District Sports (helping avoiding pitfalls of setting up a new brand)
  • Experienced mentor for support (85% of new business fail due to the lack of initial support)

We have tried the generic franchise model and have decided that this is a far more effective route for new business mangers to follow, for more information of this unique opportunity please read through the additional pages.