Why Choose Business in a box

Why Choose Business in a box
Below we have highlighted the main benefits of being a District Sports Business Owner which should help you answer the above question.

Proven business formula

As a District Sports Manager you will have the opportunity to build a successful business and earn a high income, working for yourself, but with the training and experience of an established business behind you. The group has a proven business formula, which will form the basis on which every area will operate. We have been operating and established since 2001, 10 years of experience!

You have the opportunity to expand and grow your business by outsourcing some or all of your coaching sessions to outside coaches. This will help you grow your income levels to match the current operating areas.

The other great benefit to owning a successful business is that you could have a valuable asset that you can sell in the future.

No strict Territory Borders

Each franchisee is given territory to work within at the beginning of their operations. However, you are free to take your business to any area within the UK, where you decide the formula would work.

The size of your area means that you have the opportunity to build a sizeable business over the coming years without being restricted by a small territory, which would limit your potential.

Credibility and use of company brand

As part of the Business in a box agreement you get to use the “District Sports” processes, systems, name, logo, website, history and stationery. This gives you credibility and confidence to go out into the market place and get off to a good start. It also enhances your position in the mind of potential clients that they are dealing with an established and reputable company.

Training and ongoing support

Comprehensive training and set-up will be given to each new client which combines on the job and office based training.

This is not an industry where constant support is required, when you are set-up and established you will not need day-to-day support. This is why we decided to move away from franchising, because large management fees and constant back end fees offer no value to the client, and hinder the amount that each new area can generate. Companies that coax new area managers into lengthy contracts of payments are doing so for their own profits.

Proven lead generation

District Sports has a proven business formula for generating leads and business.

The key area that covers this is contained within your training and operations manual and includes target markets, sales activity, lead generation tools and lead conversion.

The District Sports website is focused on the customer’s needs and is a source of information, as well as directing them towards enquiries and bookings.

All the benefits of a franchise, without the hassle

Our Unique ‘Business in a Box’ formula offers you all the benefits of a Sports Franchise without the lengthy contracts and constant back end payments. Some companies that are selling similar packages as franchises are taking huge fees from clients across a 5 year period. When you are set-up and running, there is no benefit to the client to keep making constant payments back to the host company. We have changed our formula to ensure that no client is being taken advantage of, but can still reap the benefits of a franchise system.

You will still have:

  • Networks of Area managers to work alongside.
  • All the experience, knowledge and longevity of the original company to work with.
  • An established brand.
  • Reduced risk of failure.