Why Not the standard franchise model?

Why Not the standard Franchise model?

3 Very good reasons why we believe that our award winning concept is more advantageous than a generic franchise package.

No Contracts

We will not sign you into a lengthy, complicated contract. When you buy into District Sports, you make the operational decisions. We obviously protect the brand through basic criteria, but do not hold you back with strict codes of practice. We will only sign clients up, who we trust to make the right decisions for their own business.

No Management / Back end fees

We do not charge a penny for our package, after the initial payment has been made. Once you have bought your company, it is yours! Previously, when we tried the franchising model, we realized that pressurized, forced income targets, and constant income monitoring only made relationships difficult. It is up to you to make your own business work, and therefore set your own financial targets. Other companies are charging up to 25% of income to franchisees, WHAT IS THIS ACTUALLY FOR?

No Strict Area

Exclusive area!!!! All this actually means is that you are contained, if you cannot find the business in your area, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Therefore our clients can take their business to any area that they think will work. Our only clause on your movement is that you cannot approach a school that a District Sports manager is already working with. You will be networking throughout District Sports so neighboring area managers can work together, to assist one another. The UK has 17000 primary Schools!

Business in a Box is not a franchise. You buy the set-up package, and then walk away from your training ready to run your own business, put your own ideas and work into an already established brand. Your consultant with help you with all your set up issues and ensure that you are given the best possible chance to set-up your area confidently. You will not be expected to ‘re-invent the wheel’, our operating areas have all the required information already in use, and so with a small amount of networking, all the help and support is available to you, for no extra cost.