FAQs for Parents

FAQs for Parents
What does my child need to bring along to a sports academy?

First and foremost children require a packed lunch and plenty of refreshments. Please attend wearing suitable clothing, ideally with a spare warm top. Children will also require change of footwear (especially for Rugby and Football where boots are required, for the outdoor sessions).

What will happen if I’m late picking up my child from an afterschool club?

If you are running late, please phone ahead if possible and warn the coach/school. Your child will never be left unsupervised, and somebody will wait as long as it takes.

Can you explain the sibling discount?

We offer a 50% sibling discount, if you have two children attending on the same day for an academy. Your first child pays full price for that days/weeks attendance, then the second child gets 50% discount. We also give 50% off the early bird fee.

What is the ‘Early bird’ fee for Academies?

Due to organisation it is much easier for the area managers to have an idea of how many children will be attending, before the first morning. To help promote this, we offer a discounted rate to those parents who pay in advance. Providing that your cheque has been received, or you online payment has gone through by the agreed date, you will be entitled to the money saving rate.

What qualifications can I expect your coaches to have?

Our coaches will all be qualified, educated by District Sports, by national governing bodies, and/or University degrees. Our head coaches will be qualified in multiple sports, and experienced in delivering 100s of sessions. CRB, First Aid, Child protection workshops, and insurance are all minimum operating standards. We only choose the best coaches available.

Do you provide Sun Cream?

Sun cream is not provided. If children require a sun cream please send them with their own, with instructions on how to apply it. It is also a good idea to send children along with a sun hat.

Are parents expected to bring their child inside in the mornings?

We would appreciate whoever is dropping the child off in the mornings, to bring children inside and sign them in. We use a simple sign in and sign out process, for safety. As soon as your child is signed in, we are then responsible, and vice versa at the end of the day. If this is difficult please speak to the organizer for alternative arrangements.

What should my child wear for an ‘after school club’?

We allow children to wear a separate kit for after school clubs, but a standard school PE kit is the preferred attire.

Can I use childcare vouchers for District Sports Schemes?

Unfortunately we are not registered to receive vouchers, we may be able to accept them through the school in certain cases, but not for holiday academies.

Can I drop my child off early to a holiday academy?

Schemes start at 9am, the organizer will be onsite earlier than this, and in some cases may allow children to be dropped off early. This will be at the discretion of each Area Manager.

Do you send out confirmation?

When you have booked in for a holiday Academy you will receive a confirmation text.

Do your holiday academies operate on Bank Holidays?

No, we will shorten the week on a bank holiday week.

Should I attend early on the Friday for a presentation?

At some of our schemes we do a presentation at 3.30 on a Friday afternoon. Please speak to the organizer for details on this, in some cases the presentation is done privately.

My child has specific medical requirements, what should I do?

Please add any medical information onto the consent form, and also make the organiser aware of it on your first morning. A special note can be added to signing in sheet. Dentist, Doctors or any other appointments during the week, are not a problem. You can take your child out, and bring them back if required. Please ensure that you sign them out and make the organizer aware of this at the beginning of the day.

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