Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our Websites

Our websites will be amended and operated at our discretion; prices and times may change accordingly. Occasionally site access will be restricted, we will not be liable if for any reason our information is not available to our clients.

Booking Terms

Our schemes operate across the UK, set-up by our area managers. This site does not contain any specific details of schemes that are running. Marketing Materials will be sent out regionally, or information on specific schemes will be made available on our regional District sport websites. This main site is a point of reference for attendees.

Advance bookings will be confirmed; any children turning up on the morning of a scheme will not be guaranteed a place due to ratios. We will endeavor to ensure that places are available but cannot guarantee this.

All our schemes have minimum attendee numbers. If the scheme cannot take place due to the lack of children attending, all payments will be re-funded and parents will be notified as soon as the decision has been made. District Sports will not be liable if this problem occurs.

Illness or injury: If you have booked into a scheme and your child cannot attend, you will NOT be entitled to a refund. You will be offered an alternative days attendance on a future scheme. This will be at the discretion of the organizer.


District Sports is introducing an online payment option. This will take effect from 2013 and will be brought to your attention by your scheme organizer.
Postal applications should have cheques enclosed. Walk-In bookings should be cash. Children will not be able to attend a scheme unless payment has been made upfront, and a consent form has been completed and returned.


All our coaches will hold current CRB certificates, and will have attended suitable workshops. Our policies are available on this website. We operate a “Signing IN/OUT” policy on all our holiday Academies. Please ensure that an adult accompanies your child into the scheme, and returns to collect your child at the conclusion. Any other method of collection/drop off must be agreed with the organizer, and decisions of safety are at their discretion.

Occasionally, District sports will take photographs/film of a District Sports Activity. These materials will be used only for promotion of our schemes. If you do not wish your child/children to be photographed please make the organizer aware of this at the beginning of the scheme. We will always make parents aware on the day of such events.

Risk Assessment/Health & Safety

All our facilities will be assessed for risk at the beginning of the week, and daily checks will then be carried out. The event organizer will be responsible for ensuring the facilities are suitable for the activity-taking place. The facilities that we use will be responsible for ensuring the areas are fit for use.


When signing the schemes consent form, you are agreeing to the terms that the event organizer will administer any first aid that you child requires. You should always ensure that medical information is up to date on the consent form, and any specific requirements are outlined to the scheme organiser before your child attends. Please ensure you child attends dressed appropriately for the activities taking place. District Sports does reserve the right to refuse permission of any attendee to participate, if for any reason the child’s safety is in question.

Medicines/Sun cream must be handed into the event organizer, who will monitor the application/administration but will not be responsible.

Personal belongings

Children should only attend with belongings that are required for the activities taking place. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal belongings during the scheme. If Telephones are required please hand them in to the event organizer at the beginning on the scheme.

Consent form details

I parent/guardian give permission for my child to attend the Scheme run by District Sports.

I parent/Guardian in the event of any accident or illness suffered by my child authorise the organisers of activities to obtain on my behalf such medical assistance as my child/children may require, and I agree to reimburse the organisers of any expense incurred by them in doing so.

I understand that my child is not permitted to leave their designated group during the session. Please ensure your child is aware of this rule.

The organisers of the coaching course will take every effort to ensure that the highest standards of supervision are offered to children enrolled in the programme. However the organisers:

1) Will not be liable for any loss damage or injury to children enrolled in the programme unless such loss damage or injury was caused or contributed to by a negligent act or omission of the organisers.

2) Will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to the property of the children enrolled on the programme

3) Will not be liable for any loss damage injury to persons caused or contributed to by children enrolled on the programme unless such loss damage or injury was contributed to by negligent act or omission of the organisers

4) Will not be liable for any loss damage or injury to property caused or contributed to by children enrolled on the programme.