How can we help your school?

District Sports works closely with schools right across the UK, helping enrich your timetable with top class sports coaching to suit your schools needs. Our bespoke packages offer a number of different options to Primary Schools who want to reach the next level in their physical education program.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with primary schools, and have built many successful partnerships during the past 12 years operating. Whether we are required to help maintain national standards, or to improve your extra curricular options, we can devise an affordable package which we guarantee will benefit the sporting lives of all your children.

Importance of PE within Primary Schools

Sport in primary school is so vital in setting children off on the right foot for a healthy exercise filled lifestyle. Obesity in children is set to reach an all time high over the next decade, and the right approach from primary schools can be the first step in the fight to keep our children fit and healthy. The skills that we can develop in children can not only help improve their standards in your school, but will help them with all aspects of their development.

Teamwork, Leadership, Group Cohesion, Discipline, Self confidence/Self-belief, Striving for Success/Improvement, Goal Setting, are just some of the values that our coaches will be improving within all children who take part in our carefully constructed sessions. We provide excellent role models who can build strong relationships with the children, helping them enjoy a safe, controlled environment to play sport.

We are certain that our expertise can benefit your school, offering our advice to all teachers, and bringing some fresh new ideas and sessions into your timetable.

Curriculum Coaching?

P.P.A Provision: Planning, Preparation and Assessment time was introduced in 2005 to raise standards and to tackle workload. Since this time, District Sports have worked closely within schools providing PE provision to cover this important time for teachers and meet staffing demands.

Our Coaches are able to deliver a multitude of sports from the key areas of the curriculum, and all our sessions are planned, organized and carried out to the highest standards. We help you monitor pupils progress by matching assessment criteria, which can then be added to report cards at the end of the year.

Bespoke Packages – We can offer you school a set of options to help improve your school sport. Teacher development workshops are just one option available to you, these can take the form of classroom and practical sessions to help raise the importance of physical education and ensure that all your staff are effective in their delivery. Through observation or participation the strategy behind our workshops is to ensure all teachers are confident in the sports that they are delivering, and to offer our expertise in lesson structure.

A selection of advantages in covering physical education through District Sports:

  • To improve PE standards throughout your school
  • To raise children’s enjoyment and expectations of school PE lessons
  • To offer an improvement to your timetable, rather than like-for-like cover
  • To have experts bring new ideas, help staff improve their own sessions, and provide good role models to help children develop.
  • District Sports aims to offer schools this professional sports service at an affordable price – ranging between £20 – £30 per session.

Extra Curricular

Every School is required to offer an extensive range of extra curricular activities to their pupils. We understand that it is not always possible for teachers to cover all the options that are available. District Sports are able to fill in the gaps in your sports provision by offering sports that you choose from our extensive list. We can help raise the standards of sport throughout the school inline with government objectives, whilst lessoning the workload of school staff.

We endeavor to work WITH schools forging a partnership to improve the options available to the children.:

  • Clubs are paid for by the parent, with no cost at all to the school budget
  • We can act as your ONE provider if required, simplifying the process
  • We provide all materials, equipment, registers etc.
  • We take responsibility for the children from pre session classroom control to signing children back over to parents at the conclusion of the session.
  • Our coaches plan, organize and run every session without school input required.

Our charges for afterschool clubs vary in our operational areas from between £2 and £4 per session for 1 hour. Potential discounts are made available at Area Managers discretion.


District Sports Coaches are fully compliant with the standards required for individuals that work within schools, including 3-year checks on the following:

  • Enhanced CRB
  • Qualifications in a recognized sport or activity
  • Child protection Courses
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Insurance

Our coaches will hold qualifications in specific sports that are assessed by National Governing Bodies – levels range from 1 to 3. They will also, in some most cases have University qualifications, sports degrees or sports science degrees.

District Sports continually Asses coaches progress and work together with schools to make sure the right coaches are supplied to the correct schools. We only use the best coaches available and do not settle for anything less than a superb standard of sports tuition.

For more information on these services please read through the FAQs.