Schools FAQs

Schools FAQ

Please see our list of questions and answers frequently asked by schools.

If you require any additional questions answered please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a small sports budget, what are your prices for curriculum coaching?

Our costs vary dependent on the requirements of individual schools. Some schools require four coaches at a time; delivering P.P.A cover to the whole school, some just want a one-hour block covered. In general we work on a £25 per session cost. This under-cuts a supply teacher, and allows the school to enrich the timetable with a standard of sports education that wouldn’t normally be available, rather than offering a like-for-like supply cover

What qualifications can I expect your coaches to have?

Our coaches will all be qualified, educated by District Sports, by national governing bodies, and/or University degrees. Our head coaches will be qualified in multiple sports, and experienced in delivering hundreds of sessions. CRB, First Aid, Child protection workshops, and insurance are all minimum operating standards. We only choose the best coaches available.

Do you need a teacher present for your sessions?

We do not need a teacher present. Our coaches will deliver the session independently. If ratios are an issue with larger classes, providing that someone is available in school to help with any issues during the session (curriculum coaching), then the cost can be kept to a minimum.

Do I need to be concerned with reliability?

District Sports prides itself on reliability and punctuality!! We will always be there, if there are any reason why the coach cannot be present, we will use our database to ensure that suitable cover is selected.

What happens at the end of an after school club?

We do not consider the session to be completed until all the children have returned to a parent safely. We will always leave the facilities in the same state that we have found them, and always ensure that each child has left school under the agreed means.

How much do After School clubs cost?

We set our rates at a very competitive price. Our sessions are all inclusive, so at just £3 per after school club we hope to be very affordable. We charge the parents (not the school), so there is absolutely no cost to the school itself. The parents can either pay weekly or upfront for a half term block. Discounts can be made available at the discretion of the Area Manager.

What will you teach the children?

Our sessions are all designed around the government curriculum. Session plans designed with progression throughout the core areas; Net/Wall, Invasion Games, Striking and Fielding, Gymnastics/Dance, Athletics. All sessions will be tailored for the individual class needs, with emphasis placed on selected areas. We’ve have worked along side hundreds of primary schools and helped the majority gain the highest achievements in P.E.

What happens with Curriculum cover when Ofsted are inspecting the school?

Ofsted have inspected our sessions on many occasions. We are more than happy to discuss our policies with them and have our session reviewed. Over the past 12 years we have never had a negative review, and have always shown that our services not only provide excellent cover, but also add a whole new dynamic to the school timetable.

What Teaching methods will District Sports Use?

Our company ethos is very clear for all our operating areas, and our whole business success is based upon our coaching methods. We make our sessions all-inclusive; children don’t stand around for half the lesson waiting for their turn. We ensure that our lessons are educational but the children are not over coached and can ‘discover’ successful ways to play. Children are encouraged to want to succeed, and at the same time taught fair play, humility and empathy.

What will the school need to do prior to an After School Session?

Our aim is to make life as stress free as possible for the school. We provide the marketing material, registers, session plans, policies, and then organize the whole session. All we ask of the school is to allow us to send the flyers out to the selected classes!

If we sign up with District Sports do we get any extra benefits?

We can help you on a number of levels, from helping select teams for school fixtures, buying new equipment, covering playtimes and lunchtimes, even controlling the PE shed. We are looking to forge a successful partnership between District Sports and your school, our favorite schools are those who show interest in sport, and are keen to improve physical education as a whole.